The Silver Lake Country Club Golf Course Maintenance Blog is meant to inform and educate our membership regarding golf course maintenance practices and grounds improvement projects. This site will also highlight the challenges and achievements within our department to provide quality conditions.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Golf Course Projects Ongoing
#10 Fairway: Soil has been moved from rough area into the fairway. This material will be graded to fill the depression which will eliminate standing water after flooding occurs.

#8 Drainage: This project will collect water in low lying areas on the left edge of the fairway.
A sump pit 20' x 20' 3' deep filled with gravel and have piping connected to the drainage system, will firm up the uneven fairway landing improving playing conditions. 




#7 Tee: Tree and stump removal has been completed. Reshaping to increase tee square footage has turned out well. Plans are to sod the area in the future.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Grounds Maintenance Staff prepares for 2016 season

In preparation for the upcoming season, our staff has to focus on equipment repair and refurbishing on course amenities. With the mild weather conditions and limited snow cover the maintenance staff also continues with various on course projects. Tree removal to improve turf health and eliminate some of our safety concerns is preformed as time allows.

Scott painting tee sign
Jim & Dave repairing equipment

David grinding mower bed knifes

Removal of hollow trunk oak tree over hanging #7 tee

7 tee oak tree clean up

More tree removal

#10 fairway sod saved for reuse